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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jorge's Thoughts: 10 FAQs Can Earn You Brand Advocates

Seminars - or social dinner events - are viable and powerful avenues to convert qualified prospects to satisfied clients. But these conversions don't happen during the event; the event is only the beginning of earning them. It's also the beginning of creating brand advocates. 

Advocates are loyal: they repeat business with you, they choose you over your competition and they promote your brand in both the digital and non-digital world to their friends, family and colleagues. They are valuable to your overall marketing strategy, and your seminar can serve as the first step in earning them. One way to begin creating advocates is to establish yourself as an expert who understands your prospects needs and provides a level of comfort when speaking about them. 

Picture this: you're wrapping up your seminar where you've just spent 45 minutes discussing Social Security and strategies for your retirement income. You look out into a sea of worried faces and ask if there are any questions. One or two hands may go up reluctantly if you're lucky, but more likely no hands will go up. Can you blame them? Would you be willing to possibly embarrass yourself by talking about your finances in room full of people you don't know?

Break the air of awkwardness permeating the room by providing a top 10 list of questions you are most frequently asked (see how to get the list I recommend for advisors below). These will be the questions your soon-to-be brand advocates lack the confidence to ask, the questions they need answers to before they take the next step and make an office appointment with you. For instance: "What happens during an appointment at your office?" Anticipate such concerns and answer them honestly.

Here's what will happen once you begin to answer:

1. Your prospects will realize they aren't alone in their concerns.
2. They will understand your core values.
3. They will trust you and see you an expert.
4. The air of awkwardness will be replaced by the air of social approval as heads nod in agreement and understanding. 

By addressing their concerns in a way that doesn't risk embarrassment on their part, you will inspire a sense of comfort that makes it easier for them to make an appointment with you. You will also be taking a critical step in creating brand advocates. That air of social approval will leave with them, and they will share their seminar experience with others. Brand advocates are the heart and soul of any marketing strategy; revive your strategy by focusing on creating and engaging with them. 

If you'd like to a copy of the top 10 questions I recommend advisors ask, tweet me: 


By: Jorge Villar, President and Founder