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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boomers & Mobile Marketing: Tips to Entice Them to Respond

If your target market is boomers, it's critical to acknowledge that they DO respond to mobile marketing and to understand that they WILL interact with it. Check out the tips below to help you improve your mobile marketing efforts for this growing audience. 
1. Create clear content. 
While boomers are using mobile technology, it's a good idea to avoid using it in a way that is uncomfortable, unclear or unfamiliar to them. Combine your content with their interests or with seasonal events to establish a connection with them. Provide valuable and personalized information to entice them to believe in your brand. Target your content carefully though; avoid casting your net too wide, as boomers are not all alike. 
2. Learn how boomers text. 
A texting program can be a meaningful addition to your mobile marketing strategy, but it's important to understand how boomers use text messaging before you launch it. Sure, they use it to communicate with their families, but how do they use it for their personal interests? Do they like receiving reminders? Do they respond to promotional offers? Targeting their needs and your messaging is crucial to ensuring this program succeeds. Again, remember that boomers are not all alike.
3. Give boomers a variety of ways to respond to you. 
Mobile marketing doesn't mean just social media or just email or just text messages; it's a far more thorough approach that - when executed effectively - provides personalized, targeted and valuable information to specific audiences. With that said, it's important to consider not only how to best deliver your mobile messaging but also how boomers may want to respond. Combinations of mobile chat, social media links, email and phone conversations can provide you with powerful avenues to build awareness of your brand, answer questions about your services and convert sales. Limiting your response options may alienate your audience and make it less convenient for them to complete a transaction with you. 
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             By: Susan Gail Taylor, Social Media Manager and Copywriter at RME360