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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Do's and Don'ts of Vlogging for Prospects

Looking to add shareable elements to your content marketing? 

Vlogging - or video blogging - provides dynamic content that helps you develop connections and helps your brand earn more digital interaction.

By: Susan Gail Taylor, Social Media Manager and Copywriter at RME360

Friday, April 17, 2015

4 Marketing Mishaps Your Brand Can Avoid Today

Mistakes. Accidents. Mistakes. Disasters. They happen to the best and the most prepared of us. In marketing, they happen, sometimes quite historically  and sometimes at great expense. 

An effective marketing campaign sparks conversation about your brand and what it offers, so one could argue that Coca-Cola made a genius marketing decision as opposed to a mishap when it shocked audiences with New Coke in 1985. 30 years later we are still enamored with Coca-Cola Classic and thankful for its return. Does that have anything to do with how the company took the old version off the shelves during the 80s Cola War, a move that prompted notable negative response and resulted in a substantial increase in sales? Coca-Cola hasn’t admitted to such a ploy, but many pundits, fans and conspiracy theorists think otherwise.

If you have the next great New vs. Classic Coke strategy up your marketing sleeve, that’s great. But if you don’t, here are 4 marketing mishaps you want to avoid as you plan that strategy:

1.  Lack of research and testing

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. How do you create a campaign that will speak to your prospects and clients and get them to respond? Testing, testing, testing. Don’t guess as to what your audiences wants from your brand; research their needs and test different offers, prices and packages. Begin your research by asking them; they’ll tell you.

2. Using too many social networks

 Of course your brand is represented on social media. (It is, right?) But there’s being on social media and then there’s being on the right social media. Who is your audience? What platforms do your audience members use?

Research shows that Facebook reigns supreme as the most popular social media and the level of user engagement has increased. That’s great information to have, but what exactly does that mean for your brand? What types of content do the 71% of online adults who use Facebook best respond to and engage with? More importantly, what types of content are your audience members seeking to engage with?

3.  Failing to retain customers

Research shows that 71% of customers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor service and that it companies focus more of their attention on customer acquisition rather than customer retention despite that acquisition costs 7x more. Don’t forget that your current customers have needs; failing to retain them as customer can impact the power of your brand and your bottom line.

4. Failing to use (or optimize) hashtags

There’s a triangular approach I like to keep in mind when it comes to hashtags: can help you identify hashtags related to your industry, and can help you determine if your hashtag is overused. Hashtags are now integrated in multiple social media platforms and have made a comfy home for themselves across pop culture. Using them effectively makes it easier to find you and your content as well as provides your brand with a convenient way to be a part of a variety of conversations. 

Isn't that exactly what your brand wants? 

By: Susan Gail Taylor, Social Media Manager and Copywriter at RME360

Thursday, April 9, 2015

20 Email Marketing Tips for Reaching Your Audience

What tips would you add to the list? 

What is it about email campaigns you receive that resonates with you the most? 

How can you improve the way you reach your audience today? 

Tell us in the comments below! 

By: Susan Gail Taylor, Social Media Manager and Copywriter at RME360