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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What do the Super Bowl and Retirement Planning have in common?


The numbers back up the old saying, "Defense wins championships." If you were one of the billions of people who watched the Super Bowl – that strategy gained unquestioned credibility.

Now think about how you talk to your clients and prospects about saving for their retirement. While everyone likes to open their quarterly investment statements and see growth, millions of Boomers (and Seniors) felt the financial impact of the 2008 recession on their retirement and investment savings.

Yes, the Market has recovered nicely and many of those who lost a lot of money during the recession have recovered much, if not all, of their losses (assuming they didn’t completely jump out of the Market). However, many prospects are still very nervous about going through that roller-coaster of emotions that accompanied that period of our history.

So, consider changing your retirement planning marketing message to be more defensive. In fact, if you’re planning on conducting some marketing and lead generation campaigns in the next month or so, you might even want to tie a new theme - “Defense wins championships and a more Secure Retirement.”

Remember, prospects like to read marketing messages that are current and timely.

While not as "exciting" as a high-scoring football game or aggressive investment strategy, offering a strong "defensive" retirement savings strategy message will resonate with today's Boomer and Senior prospects.

Bob Wilgus is the Director of Corporate Communications and Social Community Manager for RME360. You can reach him at: