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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Brand, New Services, New Website

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, RME officially became RME360!

Our new name and logo reflects our new strategy – providing full-circle marketing solutions for business professionals – both big and small. RME360 reflects how we bring businesses full-circle with: 180 degrees of data-driven marketing solutions and 180 degrees of industry knowledge.

The addition of 360 to our name symbolizes our evolution to a company focused on completing the cycle of a business model that recognizes and embraces the importance of being a technology and data-driven partner. The RME reinforces our legacy and continued commitment to provide clients with the best customer service and to bring them face-to-face with motivated and qualified prospects.

RME360 is committed to delivering marketing and lead generation solutions that have evolved with changing landscape of the financial services industry and technological advances.  In addition to our legacy of providing seminar, direct mail and appointment setting solutions, our digital marketing services include SEO strategies for enhancing search results on the web, digital advertising campaign development and management, email marketing campaigns, and mail-to-web solutions including talking mail and customized microsites, as well as detailed web tracking and analytics.

For nearly 20 years RME has been helping financial professionals create new business opportunities in their local markets. During that time, the company has collected research an analyzed its data of campaign effectiveness and has identified media platforms, marketing strategies and event logistics that have proven most effective in various markets across the country.

Past performance does impact future results. We have made major strides in aggregating 20-years of market data and identifying trends and market-based characteristics.  We are using this data in a way not ever seen in the financial services industry.  We know what restaurant draws the most attendees at a workshop in Denver, or what radio station has created the most leads for an advisor in Dallas.  All of our company offerings are rooted in this data-driven research. This data-driven research is now available to financial professionals and integrated into all marketing recommendations delivered by RME360 in-house consultants. 

With RME360, financial professionals have multi-channel, data-driven options available to build their presence and generate leads in their communities.  They can use any or all of our lead generation solutions and can tap into the expertise our in-house consultants to build a plan based on their specific needs and budget. 

Please take a minute to visit our new website ( – especially our new corporate video (it’s the first rotator on the site or watch it now by clicking here).

Bob Wilgus is the Director of Corporate Communications and Social Community Manager for RME360.